Cloud Compting Cloud Computing is taking over Businesses

Cloud Computing is taking over Businesses

With the emergence of information technology, industries and government institutions are staking future on serving customers and businesses through cloud-based technology which they foresee can help transform their business as well as spur improvements in coherence with economies of scale.

"I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison."

by ~ Steve Jobs, Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc.

However Gadgets like computers and smartphones are a risky option in this age of communication; they are prone to theft and in most cases loss of data.
This poses a big threat to both personal and business records, so the question surfaces, have you backed up your data?
Many entrepreneurs and business institutions suffer loss of data either when a device fails, gets infected with a computer virus or when hackers damage the systems.
This is where Cloud computing comes in, Kenyan cloud computing companies are slowly emerging in the market launching its cloud and hosting services which is targeting companies and small and medium size enterprises to curb this threat at the same time drive revenues leading to companies' growth.
So how does cloud computing work you might ask,
Cloud computing is basically application and software solutions hosted outside the company, which helps organizations cut their costs of obtaining physical hardware's, the technology realms of Cloud computing, mobility, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are converging to create exceptional opportunities for business operators to better manage their assets and data anywhere in the world.
Cloud business main stake is selling and leasing of virtual servers which has now seen the company transform due to an increase in range of services which are in demand by the market.
They offers SME's, media industries and other institutions a Virtual office, a product which is geared towards boosting small scale businesses since it combines products like email and web hosting, backup services and virtual Play Station portable (PSP's) which offer customers a wider range of experience.
Companies don't have to invest in buying physical infrastructure which tends to be a costly for most organization, as opposed to investing in physical server they can just lease cloud operators and they can access it anywhere in the world provided they have internet connectivity.
Traditionally you would buy a server from a shop, bring and mount it in your office, and install applications, Software and data there, So what we've done we have already bought lots and lots of servers and we have them in a secure data Centre, so any user who would want to use the server data resource, they Buy our servers or lease for a month from our website".
The Cloud infrastructure can be used for the same services, to run local applications (apps), making apps load faster, enables users to save bandwidth unlike foreign fiber which tends to be expensive.
Enterprises are slowly moving to the hype of cloud computing, as it aides them in launching better business models while driving topline revenue growth.
Moreover, companies don't have to invest in IT capital infrastructure; cloud computing enhances business efficiency, it improves communication and in addition to that it provides a convincing opportunity for an organization to outsource their ICT, with a tailor-made IT solutions cutting costs of acquiring IT expert plus the equipment's, in that respect also SMES are going to be in a better position to compete with the big market players.
There's a big future in Cloud computing, it is the next frontier of growth in Africa in the next decade.

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